hitech vijaya rahasyam book pdf free download. Hitech Vijaya Rahasyam Book Pdf Free Download. Reads 1 Vote 1 Part Story. conmoverca. This course is related to General knowledge in Telugu. In this course I will cover thoroughly each and every topic from a popular General knowledge book in Telugu that is Hitech Vijaya Rahasyam. This course is very useful for both APPSC and TSPSC exams and also all government exams. Andhra Pradesh Special HITECH VIJAYA RAHASYAM- General Knowledge - Latest Edition [ TELUGU MEDIUM ]. by Hitech Vijaya Rahasyam.

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As for as I know there is no E-Book Version for Hitech Vijaya Rahasyam. Check out this link you can get Answered Jul 17, Buddy! As for as I know How can I download The Book of General Ignorance PDF? Views ยท Where can I. Hitech Vijaya Rahasyam Book Pdf Download - DOWNLOAD. Book_List - Download as Excel Spreadsheet .xls), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. GENERAL KNOWLEDGE Hitech Vijaya rahasyam. GK book.

In its reply of 22 May , the Respondent Patent Proprietor rebutted all the Appellant's objections. Nevertheless, it upheld, subsidiarily, the auxiliary claims requests 1 to 3 filed in the course of the opposition proceedings by letter of 3 September It also argued that document D11 should not be admitted into the proceedings in view of its late filing, lack of relevance and missing proof of its publication date.

In its further letter of 30 December , the Appellant maintained all its objections against the main request and extended these objections to the auxiliary requests. It also filed additional cover pages belonging to D Oral proceedings were held on 13 April The debate first focused on the novelty objections based on D5 and D7.

As regards the alleged lack of inventive step, the Appellant then relied only on combinations of D3 with D5, D6 or D7. Requests The Appellant requested that the decision under appeal be set aside and the patent be revoked.


The Respondent requested that the appeal be dismissed or, in the alternative, that the patent be maintained on the basis of one of the sets of claims filed as auxiliary requests 1 to 3 with letter of 3 September The Appellant's arguments of relevance here, i. Inventive step - Claim 1 - Document D3 represented the closest prior art.

B did not convincingly show any improvement in the printability of the coated paper attributable to the only technical difference between the process of claim 1 at issue and the process disclosed in document D3, i. It could not be established that the small improvements, if any, achieved according to example 1, were actually due to the different curtain coating technique used, rather than to the presence, in the coated paper of example 1, of an undercoat layer, which was absent according to example Comp.

Moreover, the total coat weight according to example 1 was slightly higher Table 4 showed that the coated paper according to example 1 had better printability properties than that according to Comp. A, differing from the former in that the bottom and top layers had been coated sequentially in two distinct single layer curtain coating steps, and not in a single pass using simultaneous multilayer curtain coating.

However, such improvements were apparently due to the fact that in Comp. A the bottom layer was dried before the application of the top layer, with a resulting partial loss of the known benefits in terms of coating regularity see, for example, paragraph [] of the patent in suit provided by curtain coating.

(Telugu) Hitech Vijaya Rahasyam General Knowledge

In fact, the claimed process allowed to coat a paper or paperboard in a more efficient way with a greater amount of coating material. The skilled person would thus obviously have chosen the former rather than the latter when seeking to solve the technical problem posed.

Moreover, even if table 4 of the patent in suit were to be considered to show an improvement of the printability of the coated paper attributable to the curtain coating process of claim 1 at issue, such effect was to be expected in the light of the respective teaching of each of documents D5, D6 and D7. In fact, these documents already suggested that simultaneous multilayer curtain coating was also applicable to the coating of paper and paperboard substrates and led to more regularly coated layers with less or no defects, i.

The relevant counter-arguments of the Respondent can be summarised as follow: Novelty - Neither D5 nor D7 disclosed a process with all the combined features of claim 1 at issue. Therefore, the claimed subject-matter was novel.

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Inventive step - The data presented in table 4 of the patent in suit clearly showed that simultaneous multilayer curtain coating with a curtain having a solids content of at least 45 weight percent surprisingly led to an improvement of the printability of the coated paper or paperboard, as compared to a single layer curtain coating process as disclosed in D3, representing the closest prior art.

The Appellant did not provide evidence disproving the effect shown in table 4 or showing that this effect would not be obtained throughout the ambit of claim 1 at issue. Reasons for the Decision Respondent's main request patent as granted 1. Novelty - claim 1 1. In the section concerning the description of such a process under the heading "Verfahrensbeschreibung" on page , left-hand column, last paragraph, and right-hand column, first full paragraph it is explained that manifolds used in curtain coating can be designed such as to provide a single layer or a multilayer curtain, which upon exiting the manifold falls freely onto the continuous substrate to be coated.

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Figures 1a and 1b on page illustrate, for example, manifolds providing a composite, multilayer free flowing curtain. This document thus definitely discloses generally also a process comprising forming a composite, multilayer free flowing curtain wherein the curtain is contacted with a continuous substrate.

However, even accepting arguendo that these numerical values are apparently derived from the graph shown in figure 3 page of D5, and that these values were determined experimentally, neither the section "Anwendungsgrenzen" nor the subsequent section on page under the heading "Betriebsfenster und Verfahrensoptimierung" reveals the type of substrate to which a curtain coating with the features mentioned above substrate velocity, solids content of curtain was applied.

Moreover, it is also not unambiguously revealed in D5 that the reported figures were determined using a multilayer curtain rather than a single layer curtain in the experimental set-up. This emanates clearly not only from the general title of the article "Vorhanggiessverfahren", i.

The remainder of the description of D5 is instead more generic and does not address a specific type of curtain coating process.

Therefore, in the Board's view, also the text passages of D5 referred to supra cannot be considered to unambiguously relate to the coating of a paper or paperboard substrate using simultaneous multilayer curtain coating.

This document discloses see abstract on page , lines 2 to 4; figures 1 and 2 on page that such a process may be used to apply a single layer or multiple layers in a single coating pass. In the section with the heading "Curtain Coating Fundamentals" it is disclosed page , lines 1 to 4 below the heading that "Curtain coating is the process of depositing a thin liquid film on a surface by passing that surface through a falling curtain of the liquid as shown in Fig.

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The surface being coated is usually a continuous web paper, polyester, etc. Figure 1 page referred to in the quoted sentence illustrates however a single layer curtain coating.

Moreover, the section "Curtain Coating Fundamentals" of D7 does not relate explicitly to simultaneous single-pass multilayer curtain coating, let alone of paper or paperboard substrates. In the section bearing the heading "Curtain Coating Fluids" it is stated page , last two lines that "[d]ry-down ratios can range from one for epoxy fluids to over for low-pigment, high-solvent fluids.

However, the section "Curtain Coating Fluids" does also not relate explicitly to coating using a multilayer curtain or to the coating of paper or paperboard.

This section is, however, silent on the type of substrate to be coated by this specific process and on the solids content of the liquid curtain.

Moreover, there is no direct and unambiguous indication in this section that the teachings of the preceding parts of documents D7, concerning substrates that may be coated or suitable solids contents of the curtain coating fluids see points 1.

Inventive step 2. In fact, D3 concerns see page 2, lines 5 to 7, and page 3, lines 2 to 13 a method of manufacturing a coated paper for printing having superior surface characteristics and, hence, printability, by applying a curtain coating technique. Considering the similarities between the patent in suit and D3 in terms of technical issues addressed and the features of the processes disclosed, the Board has no reason to take another stance.

In particular, as reported in table 4, the basepaper was coated with According to Comparative experiment A paragraph []; referred to in table 4 and hereinafter as Comp. As reported in table 4, the basepaper was coated with 9. Download Habit 6 synergize pdf files. March 25, Digital Media Converter 27 7 Crack. March 24, KarafunStudio Crackrar.

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March According to Comparative experiment B paragraph []; referred to in table 4 and hereinafter as Comp. In particular, even though the passage on page , left-hand column, second full paragraph, indicates that multilayer coating in one pass appears to be preferable for coating substrates like inter alia ink jet paper, D6 does not suggest that any of the premetered coating processes disclosed therein, let alone simultaneous multilayer curtain coating with a curtain solids content of at least 45 weight percent, will, when applied in the coating of paper or baseboard, necessarily lead to products improved in printability as compared to those resulting from single layer curtain coating as disclosed in the closest prior art document D3.

Shop more than Rs. March 13, The E-mail Address es you entered is are not in a valid format. The relevant counter-arguments of the Respondent can be summarised as follow: Novelty - Neither D5 nor D7 disclosed a process with all the combined features of claim 1 at issue.

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